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Question & Answer

1. What is an advantage of coming to The Debt Clinic of Canada Inc. for my financial problem(s) than to other debt/credit service companies?

Answer: The Debt Clinic of Canada Inc. offers various options like: loan consolidation, mortgage consulting for possible mortgage refinancing, Debt Negotiation, excellent referral services to Mortgage Broker, Consumer Proposal Administrator, and Bankruptcy Trustee. With several alternative solutions of your debt problems, you could explore different options before considering Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy as the last resort.

2. How much do you charge for your services?

Answer: For assisting you to obtain a loan consolidation, we charge a very reasonable fee which is competitive in the industry. Many times our fee is waived for lenders usually pay us by way of referral fees. On Debt Negotiation, our fee comes from creditors. For referral service to a Mortgage Broker, we do not charge any fee; the mortgage broker may charge you his/her reasonable broker’s fee if a lender does not give a referral fee. On bankruptcy referral, we also do not charge a fee; the Bankruptcy Trustee would charge you a fee base on the amount prescribed by law on an easy monthly-installments payment plan. On Consumer Proposal referral to an administrator, you are not to pay any fee, for expenses would be borne by creditors including the administrator’s fee. Furthermore, we provide free initial consultation and evaluation of your financial situation to determine your options.

3. How could I avail myself of your services?

Answer: You may download the Evaluation Form and fill it out and fax to: 905-452-8132; or send via email to: adam@debtcliniccanada.com. After our evaluation and analysis of your financial circumstances, we would contact you promptly to inform you of your options. Then, should you like to proceed, we would arrange an appointment for you come to our office to finalize the process.

4. What will happen to my credit rating?

Answer: We have no control over your credit rating for it is handled by credit bureaus under the Consumer Reporting Act. For Loan Consolidation, your credit rating remains intact. However, other options mentioned above could adversely affect your credit rating. Nevertheless, you could re-establish your credit rating after the process is over.

5. What are your office hours?

Answer: Our normal office hours are from Monday to Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. except on holidays. For added convenience, we could accommodate evening and weekend appointments. We have three offices: Mississauga, Scarborough and Brampton, Ontario. You could call, (905) 306-7572 to contact all offices.

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