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June 2003 - If Juan made a mistake, do you blame Pedro? July 2003 - Your expertise in one area doesn't make you a... August 2003 - The danger of going to a mall October 2003 - Birthday parties could deplete your wallet November 2003 - Till Debt Do Us Part December 2003 - Couple's conflict could cost a bundle


May 2004 - Beware of buying a time-share condo June 2004 - Learn from your experience July 2004 - Ignoring a registered mail may cost you a bundle August 2004 - Bankruptcy is not hiding assets from creditors October 2004 - Credit Rating of a Teenager Shattered by Supplementary Credit Cards December 2004 - Avoid Joint Purchases on Credit September 2004 - Stubbornly Operating A Losing Business, Couple Went Broke November 2004 - Women used credit cards to buy house


January 2005 - Health Insurance for Visiting Relative Is Essential February 2005 - Credit Bureau could not Abolish Debtor’s Obligation to Pay Creditors March 2005 - The Cost of Filing Bankruptcy April 2005 - Buying A Big House To Accommodate Relatives Is Good And Bad May 2005 - Limited Company Debts Do Not Always Absolve Director/Owner June 2005 - The Risk of Buying a House in Other People’s Name July 2005 - Fix up your finances before creditors seize your assets August 2005 - Real Estate Investment Is Good But… September 2005 - Do Not Convert Your Unsecured Debt To A Secured Loan October 2005 - The Risk Of A Special Power Of Attorney November 2005 - Good Credit Rating Alone Does Not Guarantee You A Loan Or Credit December 2005 - Abuse Of Credit May Lead You To Legal Troubles


January 2006 - You Cannot Start Saving If You Are In Debt February 2006 - A Man Went Broke Because of Bad Advice March 2006 - Knowing Two Types of Mortgage Financing April 2006 - Business Can’t Thrive On Capital Alone May 2006 - Seeking 2nd Opinion Before Filing Bankruptcy Is Prudent June 2006 - The Problem of Selling and Buying a House July 2006 - It’s Unwise To Use Credit Cards To Pay Off Other Debts August 2006 - Long Distance Calls Hurt Your Pocket September 2006 - Be careful in dealing with collection agents October 2006 - Collateral Damage


January 2007 - Equity on your house is worthless if you are cash-poor March 2007 - Understanding your House Equity April 2007 - Consumer proposal is not for everyone May 2007 - A creditor could attach your home on your delinquent unsecure debt June 2007 - Unexplained mortgage broker’s fee is not a ground to withhold your mortgage payments July 2007 - Bankruptcy trustees are not equal August 2007 - Sell your house first before your lender does. September 2007 - Be cautious in buying a house without down payment October 2007 - A bad sign when a bank does not take your mortgage payment out from your account November 2007 - Interest-free loan bears interest when not paid on due date December 2007 - If you don’t want your employer would know you are in financial trouble avoid wage garnishment


January 2008 - The importance of knowing the effect of “contestability period” in your life Insurance policy February 2008 - Understanding Bank's House Mortgage Life Insurance March 2008 - If your business is losing & no prospect for profit – close it down April 2008 - Unsecure Creditor Could Attach Your House May 2008 - Disappointments of some caregivers applicants June 2008 - The problem of brand new home, furniture and appliances July 2008 - Good credit rating does not always mean your outstanding debts are paid August 2008 - Supplementary card for your child is not always good September 2008 - The problem of buying a house without down payment October 2008 - You could be a supplementary credit cardholder without your consent November 2008 - Choosing a wrong course of study is a waste of time and money December 2008 - Wrong advice couple loses house


January 2009 - Reserve your house equity for emergency February 2009 - Driving without car insurance could be costly March 2009 - Can you keep your house when you file bankruptcy? April 2009 - Borrowing from friends or relatives to pay off your debts is good and bad? May 2009 - Live within your means June 2009 - Could leaving Canada wipe out your debts? July 2009 - Beware of financial consultants who always say, “yes and yes” August 2009 - When replacing a returned-cheque get the cheque back September 2009 - Selling your house without equity could give you a legal problem November 2009 - Is it worth to keep your house at all cost? December 2009 - With low mortgage interest rates, is it a good time to buy a house now?


January 2010 - How many credit cards you need to carry February 2010 - Is it good to save while you have unpaid debts? March 2010 - Should I Buy A House Now, Or Wait And Save More Money? April 2010 - Good Credit Rating is not a Guarantee of Getting a Loan. May 2010 - Retirement is like hell if you still have a big mortgage. June 2010 - The importance of Life Insurance July 2010 - The importance of family budget to your financial health August 2010 - Is it good to increase your mortgage to Pay off your unsecure debts? September 2010 - How many credit cards you need to carry. October 2010 - Starting a business is a serious business November 2010 - Cash or credit card this holiday season? December 2010 - Lavish wedding could leave you broke.


December 2011 - Easy money could lead you to financial crisis. November 2011 - Some causes of becoming financially broke. October 2011 - Reduce cost in refinancing your mortgage. September 2011 - Is it good to let a mortgage broker arrange your mortgage? August 2011 - Mortgage interest rates are negotiable. July 2011 - Priortize payments of your debts. June 2011 - Save money for your vacation . May 2011 - House ownership is not for everyone . April 2011 - Don't settle with only one or few of your creditors but all of them. March 2011 - Your prospective spouse's credit rating may ruin your marriage life. February 2011 - Some ways to save money. January 2011 - Some money mistakes many people make.


December 2012 - Role of credit bureau. November 2012 - The risk of using your bank account to clear a cheque from someone specially a stranger. October 2012 - Risk of signing a document relative to your home especially for seniors September 2012 - Do you really need a new car? August 2012 - The risk of investing in 2nd or 3rd mortgage. July 2012 - If you are not vigilant, a problem may arise when you pay credit card on your online purchases June 2012 - When you buy a house with 5% or less down payment most likely you will lose it. May 2012 - Avoid expensive court litigation. April 2012 - If you can no longer afford to pay your mortgage payments consider selling your house before a lender list it for you. March 2012 - Selling your house just a year after purchase is a losing proposition. February 2012 - Know your mortgage interest penalty before selling your house to avoid surprises January 2012 - Maximizing your credit limit prior to filing consumer proposal or bankruptcy would put you in a legal bind.


December 2013 - Options for solving financial problem Part V – Credit Counselling November 2013 - Options for solving financial problem part 1V – Debt Settlement October 2013 - Options for solving financial problem Part III – Liquidation of assets September 2013 - Options for solving financial problem part II – Mortgage refinancing (equity take out) August 2013 - Options for solving financial problem part 1 – Debt consolidation July 2013 - Your kids are going to be broke. and it's your fault! June 2013 - GOD’S WAY OF MANAGING OUR FINANCES PART V - DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MAN’S WAY AND GOD’S WAY OF MANAGING PERSONAL FINANCES May 2013 - GOD’S WAY OF MANAGING OUR FINANCES PART IV– NINE STEPS OUT OF FINANCIAL CRISIS April 2013 - God’s way of managing our finances part III – How to Avoid Financial Crisis March 2013 - God's way of managing our finances part II – Signs of Financial Trouble February 2013 - God's way of managing our finances Part 1 – Causes of Financial Trouble January 2013 - Bankruptcy is not for everyone.


December 2014 - Joint ownership of a house by husband and wife is ideal but it could be a problem November 2014 - TO BORROW MONEY FROM FRIENDS OR RELATIVES TO CONSOLIDATE YOUR DEBTS COULD BE A BAD OPTION. October 2014 - DISCLOSE ALL YOUR ASSETS IN A BANKRUPTCY OR PROPOSAL TO AVOID CREDITORS’ OBJECTION September 2014 - Things to consider before buying a car August 2014 - A BANK COULD SEIZE YOUR CAR EVEN IF YOUR PAYMENTS ARE UP TO DATE July 2014 - When your first mortgage and second mortgages are both in arrears which one is your priority to pay first? June 2014 - The importance of life insurance May 2014 - When buying a house make your offer to purchase – conditional on financing April 2014 - Supplementary credit card – A potential problem March 2014 - Seek a second opinion for peace of mind February 2014 - Option for solving financial problem Part VII - Bankruptcypilla January 2014 - Option for solving financial problem Part VI – Consumer Proposal.